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Here are the key highlights from PM Narendra Modi's address at the 76th Independence Day.

PM Modi at the 76th Independence day Celebration

Today, the world looks to India with pride, hope, and as a problem solver. The world sees India as a destination where dreams can be realised.
As we celebrate 75 years, we must now move forward with a renewed focus and determination for the next 25 years, which is only possible thanks to the strength  and determination of 130 crore Indians.

Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka vishwash & Sabka Prayaas became the cornerstone of ensuring implementation of pro-nation policies & taking development to the last mile.

An aspirational society is an important strength for any nation. Today, we are proud that these aspiration can be found in every Indian household. Every citizen is उत्साहित & उतावला for गति & प्रगति of New India.
This Amrit Kaal is providing us a golden opportunity to fulfil the dreams & goals of this aspirational society.

Based on the philosophy of Gandhiji, we are working towards empowering every Indian at every corner of the nation be it Dalit, woman, farmer, Divyang from north to south, east to west.

India is the mother of democracy. Our nation has demonstrated that we have inherent strength derived from our diversity and a common thread of patriotism that makes India unshakeable.
As we commemorate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, we must also honor our soldiers, national leaders. police and most importantly, every citizen who has faced many challenges while working towards the vision of New india.

Our country is grateful to all freedom fighters who shook the foundations of the British Empire. we also pay tribute to the architects of a free India.

There was not a single year during our freedom struggle when our freedom fighters were not subjected to brutality and cruelty. Today , as we pay our respects  to them, we must remember their vision and dream for India.

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